About us

Electraline Group was founded in late 1990 through the acquisition and consolidation of companies that are long in the production and sale of electrical goods. Electraline Group manufactures the following products: Electric cables – extension cords on reels – Household extension cords – electrical appliances – Adapters – TV Devices – Telephony – Home Electronics (timers, testers, motion sensors, presence, alarm systems) and others. The group Electraline includes three production units and five distribution companies, respectively, in Italy (Electralne 3PMark SpA), France (Electraline CBB SA), in Portugal and Spain (Electraline Iberica LTD), China (Electraline China LTD and Ningbo YLK Electrical co. ltd), Russia (Electraline Russia LLC), Switzerland (Electraline Logiplus SA), Latvia (Electraline Baltika SIA), in Ukraine (Electraline Ukraine LLC). Convenient location Electraline plants and distribution companies to quickly make deliveries to warehouses in any European country. Electraline present in the major distribution centers and is guaranteed to satisfy the various demands and needs in each European country. With powerful plants can fulfill orders for specific market requirements or customer needs.